Hi, I’m Kristin

A Colorado girl (who could live without the winter), inspired by fitness, holistic wellness, skin care, and overall health and making my body and mind feel their best. My approach to a healthy lifestyle and fitness have transformed over the years to address struggles with acne, seasonal affective disorder (or seasonal depression), and a major lack in energy. I love creating healthy menus and recipes, finding better ways to take care of my skin (from the inside-out and on the surface), and being creative in my workouts.

Join me! I want to encourage and inspire you in your own fitness and wellness journey.

Currently …

I’m pregnant! And this is a whole new realm for me. Working out and avoiding sugar has proven difficult, but I’m determined to gain my health back. While I’ve thought of creating this online space to inspire, encourage, and help other women in their own journeys for a while, I thought, what better time than now.

You best believe I’ll be working hard for that pre-preggo body and health. As much as I’ve loved being pregnant, I’m ready to be able to sit up in bed without rolling onto my side, touch my toes again, and wear my own clothes instead of my husband’s.