Over the past many years, I’ve learned that I NEED variation. I’ve also realized that I like the gym once in a while, but most of the time, I want to be outside or in a yoga studio, along with mixing in regular activity through hiking, volleyball, paddle boarding, and more. Variation is what keeps me moving and helps me not burn out.

ALSO, I do my best when my workouts are convenient. For this reason, I enjoy shorter workouts (around 30-45 minutes) and ones that can be done at home or the park where I run. So, that’s what I’m creating here. I set of short, full-body, minimal equipment workouts.

coming soon.jpg

Workout 1

I promise, workouts will be coming soon. It’s just been difficult to film/photograph them while pregnant.

coming soon.jpg

workout 2

Eventually, this space with consist of my “comeback” workouts during postpartum!

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workout 3

Who’s ready to do this with me? Strive to be the best version of yourself!