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There are a lot of things that inspire me … beautiful photos, colorful food, natural skincare products, and overall healthy living.

Check it out below.


grilled pork with rice + quinoa salad

This recipe has so much of what I love. The flavor are amazing and there’s so much color … because no one wants to eat a plate full of brown and tan food (ahem … thanksgiving).


white bean + sausage soup

This soup has Spanish spices in it and has similar tastes to other Spanish dishes I’ve had, so I’d like to think they actually make this in Spain. None-the-less here is a tasty Spanish soup.


sunbutter berry bars

I was in search of a gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and mostly “healthy” treat to bake up for our neighbors when we moved and came across these babies. I may have eaten the whole pan instead of giving them to our neighbors.