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Holistic Wellness & Fitness Enthusiast

Hi, I’m kristin.

a holistic wellness and fitness enthusiast.

join me in creating a life of health, activity, and simply feeling good.


move your body

In the past, I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself, spending hours in the gym, dragging myself to workouts that I hated. Over the past many years, I’ve learned to be active in ways that I actually enjoy … yoga, running, occasional use of weights, and body-weight workouts that can be done at the park or home. Mostly, I look for working out to be convenient in my life … because I don’t want to spend my life in the gym. Check out some of my workouts, make them your own, and enjoy moving your body!


eat to feel good

Eat the right foods, and your body will thank you! I started seeing BIG differences in my body, my skin, my energy levels, and my mood once I learned how to eat for my overall wellness. Don’t get me wrong … I still have sugar cravings … but I try to feed those cravings a little differently now. Get some healthy recipes and tips here and start to change what your body craves.




to inspire, encourage, and share with other women who are striving for a healthy and happy life